A few hours after the election of Donald J. Trump in November, I was on Twitter and I kept seeing a specific theme on my timeline: People writing about the Church’s loss of credibility because swarms of white evangelicals evidently voted for a certain candidate.

I’ve never really put a lot of weight into statistics, but I do want to put my ear to the ground when I see a great deal of people beginning to question the credibility of the Church. Read More

A funny thing happened this past year. RELEVANT had been experiencing three straight years of significant audience growth. And I mean significant—like tripling, quintupling type numbers, going from hundreds of thousands of readers each month to multiple millions all with the same team and resources. It was staggering to see. It was a miracle—the fruit of a lot of hard work and God’s grace. Read More

The War on Children: 50 Million Kids Face An Unprecedented Global Crisis

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Can Christians ‘Pledge Allegiance’?

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A Bright Hope

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