Prime Part-Time Jobs

Some jobs to consider while pursuing higher education

Perhaps you’re fortunate enough to have a full-time job already, and you’re supporting yourself while back in school. But, if you’re like most people in grad school or seminary, a full course load is preventing you from settling into a career until you have that diploma in hand. In the meantime, there are a number of respectable part-time positions that can help you cover expenses. Here are a few flexible jobs you may not have considered adding to your résumé:

Teacher’s Assistant

If you don’t mind being in the classroom a bit longer, aspiring academics can tutor and teach alongside a professor.
Median part-time salary: $15,000

Fitness Instructor

You’ll likely only have to work a few hours a couple nights a week, and your workout routine won’t go by the wayside.
Median part-time salary:

Library Assistant

Jobs that allow time to catch up on class reading are always a good option.
Median part-time salary: $15,000

Creative Freelancing

You probably need a creative outlet as it is; why not make a little money on your design, photography or writing?
Median part-time salary:

Research Assistant

Check with your university for upcoming research projects that could provide a learning experience and temporary work.
Median part-time salary: $22,000

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James Fehr


James Fehr commented…

So, I guess Starbucks Barrista didn't make the cut, hey? I'm sure the salary would have been less than exciting.

My own suggestions are:
1) Buy a house and rent the rooms
2) Learn a skilled trade, even painting
3) Competitive video gaming? Maybe not.

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