An Education in Meat?

There is truly a master's degree in just about everything nowadays

Maybe a traditional post-graduate education isn’t for you; maybe your special interests demand a different degree. Or maybe you just like raising a couple eyebrows when asked about your studies. If so, here are some of the most unique academic pursuits grad schools have to offer:

Master of Arts in Folklore

The University of California at Berkeley offers courses that “investigate our endless fascination with, attraction to and revulsion at awesome spectacles—displays of the marvelous and monstrous.”

Master of Science in Gaming and Casino Management

It might seem shady, but the rapidly growing industry merited an emphasized hospitality degree from Drexel University.

Master’s in Meat Science

Vegetarians need not apply to this carnivorous college program offered in several livestock states.

Master of Fine Arts in Blacksmithing

The University of Southern Illinois has been churning out expert metalsmiths since 1968.

Master of Science in Packaging

Boxing, bagging and wrapping are more complex than we knew, which is why dozens of schools offer this degree.


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