How To Make Lifelong Friends In College

Blind introductions breed awkward college acquaintances. Here are a few places you are more likely to find genuine friendships and get through that nervous small-talk phase.
  1. Find a local team in your area to develop encouraging relationships with adolescents while connecting with other volunteer leaders your age.
  2. Look beyond the traditional and discussion format, and consider a small group that appeals to hobbies, interests or a group activity.
  3. Choose a part-time job at a restaurant or store that is either on campus or frequented by students so you have a reason to start conversations.
  4. When your first big test comes along, set up a to meet with your study partners somewhere other than the library where you can get to know each other while getting stuff done.



Anonymous commented…

This is what I do and it always helps me make some friends http://howtofixstuff.blogspot....

Madison Harris


Madison Harris commented…

I do think that while living on campus you'll make lots of friends (one of the pros of campus life mentioned at, and whether they become life-long ones or not depends on you and based on what you are choosing whom to befriend and whom don't.

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