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Ugandan Bill Puts Homosexuals in Prison

A new bill before the Ugandan parliament makes it a crime to be a homosexual in the nation, putting openly gay people in prison for 7 years and even executing them for being HIV positive. The bill has elicited strong condemnation from leaders around the world ...




Guest commented…

this story is also newsworthy I think. if gay rights is something you're against because it harms the definition of marriage, so then should divorce be illegal.

Philip Becker


Philip Becker commented…

I think you'll find plenty of people who think No-Fault Divorce harms the sanctity of marriage. Not to mention divorce in general, but instances of low-life cheating spouses seem in many cases to harm it more than leaving them.

Also, nobody is against people having rights, regardless of their sexual preference. The issue is that they are trying to invent a new right - this crazy idea that marriage about getting the government to recognize a romantic relationship, when it's not that at all.

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