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President Obama Launches New Effort to Combat Human Trafficking

Last Tuesday, President Barack Obama announced a new major effort to take international human trafficking head on, signing an Executive Order that extends new resources and tools to groups looking to combat modern day slavery. President Obama noted in a speech, “This coming year, my Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships will make the fight against human trafficking a focus of its work.” The full speech is here ...


Jeremy Aird


Jeremy Aird commented…

I think it's great that the government is finally recognizing that people are brig exploited in the sexy trafficking arena. I am part of a church and non-profit group that is already making leaps and bounds getting young children and women out of this horrendous profession.

Speak with your church and pastor and found out what your church is doing to help others in their crisis. Blessings!


Anonymous commented…

I think this is great, but what about the American ambassador that was killed and National security? He doesn't seem to be very concerned with that--- he's the freakin president.
Like I said its great that hes concerned with this, but he must pay attention to th issues that entail his job as well.


A Crock of Ale commented…

In other posts, you paint Obama as a socialist. We get it, you don't like him. Move on and actually do something.

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