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Florida's Python Hunting Contest Looks Like a Good Idea

The state of Florida is facing an overpopulation of Burmese pythons (17-foot-long, man-eating, slithering death creatures), so the government is doing the sensible thing and holding a contest to see who can catch the most. Yes, the 2013 Python Challenge sounds like safe, reasonable fun for the whole family. For a $25 registration fee and a short class on how to catch a python (which, according to a Fox News affiliate, involves "shooting the snake in the head with a firearm or decapitating it with a machete”), you can join in on the fun. Seems like an event that is both enjoyable and smart—and will definitely solve the problem of the overpopulation of monsters. Register early, get out there and happy hunting/running for your life ...




Skevin commented…

Seems like a win-win for the state if you think about it.

Scott Red


Scott Red commented…

How has NO ONE made some comment about how much better it would be if it were a *gummy* python?
C'mon people. I expect more.



Kayce commented…

Hopefully no one will start breeding pythons to reap extra rewards...

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