Lovedrug Performs

On this week's podcast, one of our longtime favorite bands, Lovedrug, stops by the studio to perform a couple of songs from their latest album, Wild Blood. Be sure to check out the videos of their performance below. Plus, the legendary duo of Jesse Carey and Adam Smith joins us IN STUDIO for the entire podcast! This might be the equivalent of a white-elephant gift to some of you, and to others, the greatest gift you've ever received. Whatever it is, it's almost 2 hours long and a whole lot of fun, so sit back and enjoy!

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Lovedrug Performs 'Wild Blood' at RELEVANT

Lovedrug Performs 'Girl' at RELEVANT


The Podcast Crew—Plus Adam!

Posing in a Deep V after recording the mega episode. You know, as a goof.

Branden Harvey's Rihanna Crisis Pic

Sure it looks like Rihanna, but Branden, Rihanna doesn't sit on the second row.

Thanks for Knitting Us Hats!

Jason & Alia Regier (they're Canadian) are our most generous listeners yet. The gauntlet has been thrown down, everybody else!

Episode Wiki

Notable Jokes & Runs

11:54 - Adam suggests doing the Audible promos like Paul Harvey. He does a long impression of it.

75:16 - Cameron tells the story of when two nine-year-old girls mistook Chad for Lex Luthor from Smallville at a baseball game. A discussion of meeting and talking to celebrities ensues.

94:26 - Adam reviews Step Up Revolution.

107:48 - Jesse talks about Cameron's idea for a coffee table book called "That Guy Kind of Looks Like". Calvin jokes about turning this into an audio book.

Notable Guest Moments

42:23 - Introduction to Lovedrug.

42:50 - Lovedrug performs "Wild Blood".

48:12 - Lovedrug performs "Girl".

57:45 - Introduction to Branden Harvey, and the background to the "Rihanna Crisis."

59:55 - The crew welcomes listener Branden Harvey to talk about what happened next.

Other Notable Moments

1:12 - Jesse is live in the studio for this episode.

2:01 - The triumphant return of Adam Smith after a long period away in Australia. They joke that Adam was too late to be part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

3:18 - Cameron asks Adam about the premise of The Hobbit films.

5:14 - We learn that the podcast introduced Adam to his wife, whom he met in New Zealand. Things get a little awkward.

15:01 - Adam's slice about the Australian prime minister warning the country that the Mayan Apocalypse was unavoidable.

19:40 - A discussion of walking through Ikea in the wrong direction. Why Jesse doesn't shop at Ikea.

24:19 - Jesse's slice about the first emergence of the Ikea Monkey.

30:12 - Maya's slice about glitches in Apple Maps of Australia.

33:18 - Calvin's slice about the world's longest word, the name of a protein. Calvin's list of the top five celebrities who he would want to read the word.

40:50 - A discussion of John Stamos.

52:52 - The crew opens a package sent from Canadian fans.

86:29 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What is the most overrated movie of all time?"

111:47 Outro: "An intelligent, devious creature left behind the wheel of an automobile. Thank God the keys weren't in there!" - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What is the best celebrity pic that you've ever snuck with your phone?

The invention of the iPhone has brought us a lot of conveniences, but none more important than the ease of stalking celebrities and taking their photo. We've all had an experience where we've "pretended to be texting" while zooming in for the perfect stalker shot. So this week, we want to see your best smartphone-captured celebrity pics. And if you haven't been able to sneak a shot of a real celebrity, send us your best "kinda-looks-like" celebrity pic.


Scott Korin


Scott Korin commented…

OK, so I don't have any good famous person sighting stories or pictures, but I wanted to point out that the review of Step Up Revolution reminds me of Rent.

I never saw Rent on Broadway, but I watched the movie. I must be getting old, too, because my reaction through the whole movie is that these bunch of moochers need to stop whining and pay the rent they owe their friend. And instead of blocking the real estate company from developing the building into a music studio, convince them to ALSO leave in some housing for the homeless.



Devin commented…

Guys, seriously this was the 2nd best podcast you have done. Congratulations. Best was Tesh.

Joel Watts


Joel Watts commented…

Oh man... I've not finished listening to the podcast, but I can tell you... The Ikea monkey is attacking me! Seriously! I work for the City of Kawartha Lakes in Ontario (1.5hrs north of Toronto). Yasmin Nakhuda, former owner of Darwin, the IKEA monkey, has stated she has plans to relocate to Kawartha Lakes as there are no restrictions on owning exotic animals. Ms. Nakhuda is currently in a legal battle to regain custody of the monkey who is now living at the Storybook Farm Primate Sanctuary in Sunderland, Ontario... So now, as I work for the call center for Kawartha Lakes, I'm subjected to all the monkey business calls! We should've taken Jesse's advice and dispatched of the monkey sooner... #monkeypocalypse



Jason commented…

I must admit that after listening to you guys from the beginning (shark, first mention of dramatic chipmunk,etc) I stopped listening for a few years and just came back around and started listening again a few weeks ago. It was great to have Adam and Jesse in studio, just like old times!! But what struck me most when I came back a few weeks ago, is that you all are just as entertaining as you were in the old days. Loved the podcast this week and I love when you guys just talk, one upping each other all along the way. The Podcast always makes the commute to the office worthwhile.

Carlos Cuervo


Carlos Cuervo commented…

I have a couple of pictures with celebrities. I'm a photographer, and as part of my job I get to cover events in South Florida. I don't usually ask the celebrities to pose for a picture with me, but lately I started to compose a collection of shots on instagram just to see how many people I can pose with in a year. Here are some pics: with "Pitbul"; Giuliana Rancic and Scott Kelby and Kari Jobe.

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