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It's Vladimir Putin Against American Would-Be Parents

Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a bill today that bans Americans from adopting Russian children. The bill also forbids NGOs receiving American funds to be closed if the organizations are in any way political. It's widely understood this bill was passed in response to President Obama's recent sanction against Russians believed to be human rights violators. Putin also claims the U.S. funded and supported anti-government protests that arose in Russia last winter. There are currently 740,000 orphans in Russia, with 18,000 Russian adults on a waiting list to adopt. Previously, the U.S. had been the highest adoptive destination for Russian children ...

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Ruth Rutherford


Ruth Rutherford commented…

The title on this blurb is all wrong, because it's not "Vladimir Putin Against American Would-Be Parents." The real travesty about this is that "It's Vladimir Putin Against Innocent, Russian Children." So heartbroken over this decision. Putin's arrogance is out of control.

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