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The End of the World May Be Farther Off Than We Thought

Oh, those apocalypse predictors. They're so conservative. They keep predicting the world will end sometime in their lifetime. But here's the deal: It's probably going to end, like, 2 trillion years from now. You know, when we're jetting at light speed to other galaxies and planets and universes at the touch of a button. So, let's not be so self-involved with our end-of-the-world predictions, now. Agreed? Let's think instead about the children. The ones who will live many, many, many generations from now ...




Smoothee commented…

Ha. This in itself makes me believe it must be right around the corner. Better get ready, because people are saying the world won't end for billions or trillions of years.

Jesus Lopez


Jesus Lopez commented…

I know right? some say the world wont end others say the world will end. LOL this is what the bible as been predicting thousands of years?? Jesus said God only knows. u know what I think all this mambo jambo is throwing people minds off now they have become more blinded. now humanity doesn't expected a thing

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