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QOTD: How Was Your Christmas?

Day after Christmas. Oh, man. Is the wonder of it over already? Let's relive it a bit, shall we? Tell us how your Christmas holiday went. Anything funny happen? Did you give or receive an awesome gift? Get engaged? Find Aunt Mildred topping off her eggnog a few too many times? Share your stories with us so we can all keep that holiday spirit alive just a little bit longer.


Joe Harper


Joe Harper commented…

Mine went great! Something funny that happened was: My sister-in-law claims that she can read peoples fortunes by reading the bottom of their coffee cup. So she did and it was ridiculous sounding. She claims to only be able to read good fortunes though...



Sally commented…

Hi, mine was great too! I had a break from e-mail and facebook, and just spent time with my family and read lots of books. A nice thing that happened was that I found this website :)

Hannah Hewett


Hannah Hewett commented…

My dad and sister created an elaborate series of puzzles for me to complete in order to find my present. It ended in tears and a Les Paul.

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