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QOTD: What's Your Ideal Day?

Most of us are on vacation this week, which means the potential exists to create and then enjoy our most ideal day—and if you, like us, are back at work and not on vacation, well, then it's way easy for you to daydream your ideal day to its finest detail, right? So, what's yours? Hiking a mountain trail? Showing up at a theater for a movie marathon that runs til midnight? Staying at home in pajamas, knitting? Tell us about your most favorite, most epic way to spend an ideal day.


Mary Atuheire


Mary Atuheire commented…

Well, mine is sleeping in till about 10 am which I wouldn't get to do on normal work days. Doing my morning devotions for as long as I want without worrying about getting to work late, visiting a friend or family member in the afternoon or hanging with friends and being back home before 7pm to watch movies till late.



Samuel commented…

My day would start early, after one of those short nights where you miraculously wake up after 3 or so hrs feeling inexplicably refreshed and energized. I would head to the hardware store for supplies to build something, maybe a deck & then I would install a tether ball pole. I would do all this before lunch, and while nursing a cup of coffee that stays abnormally warm defying most laws of physics. I would relax on the deck for the afternoon with my dog, Ranger, reading the newest edition of Relevant Magazine.
That evening friends and neighbors would start wandering into my yard, much like the baseball players of years past in Field of dreams. We would grill, fellowship, and solve a couple of the world's problems from my newly established lair of fun. All this would take place amid intermittent games of tether ball, and that same miraculous cup of coffee that never gets cold.

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