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Congratulations, Mrs. Kate Winslet RocknRoll

Lots of great marriage stories today. No sooner have we been blessed to learn that love is still alive through the happy news of Hugh Hefner's wedding to his 26-year-old one true love than we get this news: Kate Winslet has married a man named Ned RocknRoll. Of course. Everyone's got to have someone, and Kate Winslet has Ned RocknRoll. "RocknRoll" is not his real name, although it actually might make a little more sense for someone to be born with the name "RocknRoll" than to choose it of their own free, despairingly misguided will, but it clearly charmed Lady Winslet. She was walked down the aisle by Leonardo DiCaprio (?) at a ceremony on Richard Branson's private island( ??) who bought the new couple a ticket to outer space (???). That last part actually sort of brings the whole story together. Who wouldn't marry a man named "RocknRoll" in exchange for a trip to space? Have fun in space, Kate RocknRoll ...

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Mike Steeves


Mike Steeves commented…

Wow ... another one of those vibes, right on the heels of the Hefner Slice ... so I ask again ... am I really sensing some snarky judgmentalism, here in a Christian magazine?

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