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The UK's First Atheist Church Is Open for Business

Pippa Evans and Sanderson Jones—two British comedians—have opened the Sunday Assembly, which is calling itself the first atheist church in the U.K. "We thought it would be a shame not to enjoy the good stuff about religion, like the sense of community, just because of a theological disagreement," says Mr. Jones, who once sold out a show the Sydney Opera House by selling all his tickets by hand, which is pretty impressive. Referring to the difference between atheism and religion as "a theological disagreement" is sort of like saying the difference between The Berenstain Bears and The Brothers Karamazov is a matter of "length," but Jones is hoping that his atheist church will provide skeptics with a regular sense of community. As he told the Islington Gazette, "We just want people to feel encouraged and excited when they leave" ...


Joshua Ellis


Joshua Ellis commented…

But if Atheism isnt a religion, whats with the church?

Brittni Jones Scott


Brittni Jones Scott commented…

It seems to me that these comedians need a space (The Nave, I've found out) for expressing their "art" and views to a willing "congregation." The comments I read from the original article were very telling of the atmosphere that is in England presently and I am a little alarmed for the future of America. So many have no clear understanding of the true church and to call itself a church is indeed a slap in the face to any religion (especially Christianity), when this church is a-religious. It is merely a clubhouse for Atheists.

Side Note: In the original article, I noticed some comments from "ordained Atheist ministers" proclaiming that there are already churches in the area (Islington included) that cater to Atheists.

Teresa Gibson Heitz


Teresa Gibson Heitz commented…

Why a "church," an "ordained minister," and what are people supposed to be "encouraged and excited" about when they leave? Atheists see "good stuff" about church and don't want to be "left out," like the "sense of community." Atheists already have their own "community" ... a community of people who profess no religious belief, recognize no god, agree that we came from nothing and are going back to nothing once we finish this thing called life. Go ahead and meet together, share a sense of community, have a potluck, laugh at a few jokes. But don't waste your time ordaining people into a false "ministry," gathering them together in a false "church" setting, and pretending to care about whether or not those involved are encouraged and excited about anything that they've experienced once they've departed. You've given them nothing ... no hope, no mercy, no grace. For that, you need The One True God, but hey, you don't think He exists.

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