Pastor Refuses to Tip Because It's Not Fair to God

Oh boy. A man who identifies himself as a "pastor" (right there on the check) decided that the whole "gratuity" thing is stupid. Apparently, the restaurant that he and a party of 20 dined at adds an automatic 18 percent tip to a total bill (rumored here to be about $200). When the diner found that out, he asked to pay for everyone on separate checks, thinking he could dodge the restaurant's auto-gratuity policy. But he couldn't, and that's when the pastor decided this was a spiritual matter. He scratched out the 18 percent tip on his check ($6.29) and wrote "I give God 10%. Why do you get 18"—and then, to make his point perfectly clear, wrote a big "0" on the tip line. And then wrote "pastor" next to his name, thus fulfilling his duty as a gentle shepherd instructing his flock on how to love a dark and needy world. The move has made the man some powerful enemies over at Reddit, who are on a hunt to track him down (one pastor took to Twitter to defend himself against accusations that he was the culprit) ...


Eric Balk


Eric Balk commented…

This is wrong on so many levels. Worked in a restaurant for a few years and when the heads went down to pray so did your tip. Christians have a bad rep as crappy tippers. The best are the ones who leave a track and no tip.
This "Pastor' needs to read Luke 10.

Christopher Cantrell


Christopher Cantrell commented…

So this is how boring and petty society has become, that they have to post photos of receipts with graffiti by folks who are essentially anonymous? First of all it is high doubtful this guy was a pastor, well a good pastor anyway. Why? Most educated pastors would know that the ten percent tithing is taken from Leviticus and is a part of other tithes that would be made by the Jews. in actuality they would end up tithing around thirty percent. Secondly, a good pastor, would know that the New Testament commands to give by your means, to give out of love, meaning there no longer is a set amount required in hopes that people would go above and beyond even. Stories like this just feed the fire of Christian stereotypes and make it harder for the ones who are genuine to have a good wrap or credibility. The reality is, ANYBODY, not just Christians, can be greedy inconsiderate jerks. Christian or not, human is human, and we are all susceptible to moments of inconsideration. The problem is not Christians, but people being inconsiderate. On top of all this though the original story said "a man claiming(keyword claiming) to be a pastor" so there really is no evidence he was a pastor to begin with.

Kyle James Unger


Kyle James Unger replied to Christopher Cantrell's comment

I believe it. The story outlines that the check isn't the only evidence, as there is story told that couldn't be derived from the check. This must have been seen from an outside source, not referenced. And some pastors are actually bad at what they do as well, unfortunately.



SnRsVdByGrCe replied to Kyle James Unger's comment

Agreed some are very bad at what they do. The pulpit portrays one life while anything outside the pulpit portrays something completely different...

Kyle James Unger


Kyle James Unger commented…

This is kinda disgusting.

Paul Buller


Paul Buller commented…

So I'm inclined to agree that this "pastor's" little note was ill-conceived, but is nobody willing to consider that maybe something is wrong with the other side of this picture? Why do restaurants refuse to pay their staff enough to live off of, instead forcing them to live off of tips? I don't get tips for my job! Furthermore, the concept of a "forced tip" doesn't strike anybody as a little odd? What's the difference between that and simply raising your prices? There seems to be something just a little disingenious about that approach, "look at our low prices, but don't look at our forced gratuity!"

I humbly submit that something is rather wrong with the restaurant industry, but I emphatically agree that the "pastor's" approach to addressing this error left a lot to be desired.

Matthew O'Mealey


Matthew O'Mealey replied to Paul Buller's comment

I'm guessing you've never worked for tips either as a server with minimal wages or a bar tender/barista with a tip jar before.

I'd love to get paid $20/hr or more outright, then slow nights wouldn't make me wonder if I can pay my bills when my tips and hours that normally average $20/hr total now dip below $10.

Take out tipping from such establishments and it becomes fast-food, which is by far the shining beacon of good service.

Mera Weis


Mera Weis commented…

I think that more of the story should be told here. First---the "Pastor" is a woman. Second, she did leave a cash tip--she was just annoyed that AppleBees REQUIRES 18% for large groups. Finally her complaint DID cost the waitress her job.
First she should apologize both to the waitress and publily that her snide comment was wrong and a lapse in judgement. She should humble herself and ask for forgiveness. Second she should contact AppleBees and ask that the waitress be reinstated--why? Because as "salt of the earth" we are CALLED to turn the other cheek and act out of the fruit of the Holy Spirit NOT out of spite! All of this publicity can give her opportunity to show the world how REAL Christians act--if she IS one!

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