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Is God Ready for Some Football?

The Public Religion Research Institute has polled Americans on the most vexing and persistent question mankind has about the divine. No, not why bad things happen to good people. The other big question. No, not anything about free will verses pre-determinism. No, not what the afterlife will actually be like. Okay, so maybe it's not the most vexing question, but it's a big one: Does God care about sports? A question that will define a generation. God obviously cares about a broken and hurting world, fraught with genocide, hunger and, of course, the quiet fear of meaninglessness that haunts much of humanity. But does He also care about the Super Bowl? According to the poll, 27 percent of Americans believed that He's involved in the outcome. Perhaps even more surprising? That 53 percent of Americans agree with the statement "God rewards athletes who have faith with good health and success." Well, there you have it. All of these athletes might as well stop going to practice. Their success is guaranteed ...

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Keith Smith


Keith Smith commented…

Wow...I am surprised that so many people answered that way. It just seems like the result of the uneducated Bible Belt society where knowledge of God is based on the culture and opinions of the local pastor rather than the actual Word of God. I live in the Bible Belt society and am tired of Christians taking people for their word without checking the facts.

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