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This week, The City Harmonic stops by our studio to perform a few of its best songs. You'll hear two of the songs on the actual episode, but you can watch videos of all three performances below and over at our YouTube channel. And it's the moment you've all been waiting for (or at least a handful of you): The 3rd Annual Nomination Ceremony. Jesse unveils all the categories and nominees, but it's up to you to go vote for your favorites. We'll announce the winners on next week's show. Plus, Cameron goes on a political rant, we create a new "Dance Party" and we read your best Apple feedback.

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The City Harmonic Performs 'Mountaintop' at RELEVANT
The City Harmonic Performs 'Holy (Wedding Day)' at RELEVANT
The City Harmonic Performs 'Manifesto' at RELEVANT

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Notable Jokes & Runs

1:20 - A discussion of Marco Rubio (who Cameron initially names as Ricky Rubio) drinking bottled water during a GOP response to the State of the Union.

15:05 - They joke about Cameron launching a presidential campaign, and Maya being a bad First Lady. Tyler signs on to be his VP, and they decide on the campaign slogan, "#TellYourFriends".

19:08 - Cameron talks about watching part of Step Up Revolution with Maya. This leads to a run about politicians dancing. New campaign slogan: "Step up the Union".

22:10 - The origin of the Dance Party. Cameron's key platform: disruptive dancing.

24:54 - Cameron teases the Awards.

27:01 - More discussion of Step Up Revolution. Cameron talks about Maya wanting to watch the special features on DVD. Jesse does some director's commentary for the movie.

28:38 - More discussion of the Dance Party. They assign Channing Tatum to the post of Press Secretary. The House Speaker is literally a speaker.

49:20 - The nominees for the 2013 Awards.

Notable Guest Moments

44:05 - Introduction to The City Harmonic.

44:41 - The City Harmonic performs "Mountaintop".

65:47 - The City Harmonic performs "Holy".

Other Notable Moments

4:13 - Cameron talks about the State of the Union address and his time spent online correcting people's idiotic comments. He criticizes party-line thinking and appeals to common sense in political discourse, and calls for a third way.

9:24 - Cameron talks about the Christian and biblical view of immigration reform and gun control. They also discuss a thought experiment that would describe what a third, Christian party might look like.

16:05 - Cameron calls for listeners to dialogue with those of other political beliefs with love, civility, and rationality; such as a bipartisan program to lower the number of abortions.

31:27 - Jesse's slice about the recent Grammys, and Lecrae's award in the wrong category (Gospel). The Dance Party gives their perspective on the issue.

37:41 - Maya's slice about a meth lab found in a golf course Port-A-Potty.

41:11 - Tyler's slice about Sigur Ros releasing a candle to be lit while listening to their music.

70:33 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What would you like Apple to remake?"

77:45 Outro: "Don't blame me, I voted for a dance party." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

Who will take home a coveted Oskarz in the 3rd Annual Award Ceremony?

We all know that the Oscars are right around the corner, but of far greater significance, it's time for the 3rd Annual Awards - The World's Leading Competition-Based or Non-Celebrity Reality TV Awards. Who will take home one of these coveted awards? Well it's up to you to vote and let your voice be heard. Go over to to cast your vote, and while you're there, be sure to check out the Oskarz Hall of Fame and shed a tear for those we lost this past year. Next week we'll break out the tuxedos and have the official 2013 Award Show. GO VOTE!


Tyler Gehman


Tyler Gehman commented…

Watching "Amish Mafia" should be illegal in every state because the show is only Amish in name. Every actor would have been shunned by their respective Amish or Mennonite communities years ago. Trust me, I live in Lancaster, PA.

Christina Ceary


Christina Ceary commented…

After listening to Cameron's discussion of politics, I had to write down my own thoughts (and yes, the podcast got a shout out).

Lindsay Miller


Lindsay Miller commented…

Cameron, I really appreciated your "rant." The past few years I have definitely found myself in that middle ground. I'd never thought of those other issues as being "life" issues, but that really brought some clarity to what I'd been thinking and feeling!

Klo Utley


Klo Utley commented…

I would like to point out the irony of "Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson" being included as a nominee for Best Tumblr. According to Ron Swanson on this past week's episode, "any dog under 50 pounds is a cat and cats are pointless."

Also I liked Cameron's comments about politics in this week's podcast. In the Beatitudes, Jesus calls us to be peacemakers not rabble-rousers.

Jason McDaniel


Jason McDaniel commented…

So it wasn't until halfway through the podcast that I realized the Huckabee referred to Tyler and not Mike Huckabee.

And thank you for the rant. It echoed a lot of thoughts that I have had over the past couple of years. The political system has done a good job of structuring every debate around 1 or 2 divisive issues. The system is no longer about compromise but about not giving the other side a victory.

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