This week, Jesus Culture singer and worship leader Kim Walker-Smith joins us to discuss the songs that have changed her life and shaped her as an artist. We also talk with Preemptive Love Coalition founder Jeremy Courtney about the conflict unfolding in Mosul and how you can help the people of Iraq.

The gang also learns why a former Westboro member left the cult, discusses the ongoing relevance of Don Draper ad campaigns, discovers a surprising benefit of wearable credit cards and a lot more! Read More


This week, we discuss embracing Lent with pastor Matt Chandler. Also, it’s that time of year again: The 7th annual awards are finally here! Read More

This week, we talk with actor Sam Worthington about his new role in 'The Shack,' his views on the controversy behind the film and how he came to faith himself. We also talk with hip-hop duo Social Club Misfits about their latest album, 'The Misadventures of Fern and Marty,' and get a walkthrough of some of the album's biggest songs. The gang also discusses the ethics of bringing back an animal from extinction, listens to your ideas of ways to improve sports, debunks a major myth about phones and a lot more! Read More

Here's a new look at Star-Lord, Baby Groot and everything else you're wanting from the sequel to Marvel's spacey, super fun series.

The movie hits theaters May 5. (Just a heads up, the trailer contains some strong language.)


Ukraine has come up with a new way to fight fake news: the nightly StopFake broadcast show only broadcasts fake news.

The group, overseen by a college's journalism school, behind the show is highly respected for exposing fake news for what it is. Viewers are able to turn to StopFake and they know every story will be fake news.

The show's anchor, Margo Gontar, referred to the project as investigative journalism "with a twist."

The show is not the broadcast version of The Onion—it sets itself up as a public service for the country that's been fighting fake news since before it was an international buzz phrase.

StopFake, as an organization, has chosen to fight against fake news this way instead of banning the news because it's more entertaining and gets a more captivating audience. Discuss

Marc Summers, the man who hosted the classic gameshow Double Dare, is featured in a new documentary about his life, career and his struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

The film also features interviews with Seth Green, Neil Patrick Harris, Ryan Seacrest and others who discuss the Summer's legacy and the legacy of the show.

You can check out the trailer for On Your Marc below. Discuss