It's Like Anberlin...But Not

If you find yourself strangely familiar with the vocal stylings of indie-electro-rock band Anchor & Braille, there's good reason, because this happens to be the side project of Anberlin lead-singer, Stephen Christian (along with Micah Tawlks and Civil Twilight keyboardist Kevin Dailey). But while the vocals might sound similar, the music will land you in completely new territory. Don't believe us? Stream the first song Goes Without Saying from The Quiet Life which drops on July 31.

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Jesus Lopez


Jesus Lopez commented…

you have to be kidding me right??? wow Stephen Christian is amazing. his voice is not like any other makes me wonder if his from this planet. On the other not it seems like ever one is making a side project. which is great. seems like they trying to separate from main stream.

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