Video of the Day: Abandon Kansas, "Turn It To Gold"

Typically "official lyric videos" are the boring equivalent of a PowerPoint presentation where the goal is 100% information and 0% entertainment. Leave it to alt-rock band Abandon Kansas to change all that. While today's video of the day for Turn It To Gold is in fact an "official lyric video," it's also one of pure entertainment as the band writes out every lyric and has a load of fun in the process. Well done, Abandon Kansas. You've officially raised the bar for every future lyric video...



Adreenuh commented…

Such a good video and good use of D.I.Y. you guys will always seem to amaze your audience. Well done.


Jack commented…

This video is creative, fun, and altogether hypnotizing. I just recently heard of this band and I have loved hearing their music progress over the years. They seem like such down to earth guys, not wannabe stereotypes who lack personalities. Great music, great video. Thanks Relevant.


Paul commented…

Great song, great video! Bravo, Relevant.

Jake Dudley



Gerald commented…

I would love to hear Bradley's professionally produced music, since he has such a strong opinion of this professional group's production.

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