Video of the Day: Avian Sunrise, "Bravery"

If you're a fan of bands like Deas Vail and Death Cab For Cutie, you'll love today's video of the day from piano-driven alternative rock band Avian Sunrise. Bravery showcases the band's catchy melodies, infectious hooks and positive lyrics. You'll love having this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day...



Guest commented…

Nice video! Who did it?


Kyle commented…

This song is amazing!


Ewehrkamp commented…

This band came to be because of the depression/suicide of one of the band members' sister. Their first song was written to her to help try to lift her out of her depression. She lost her battle to depression and the band's first public performance was at her funeral service. They have gone on to write every one of their songs because of personal pain,hope for the future, and life experiences. Their music reaches those who are struggling and gives hope of a better tomorrow. This tomorrow did not come for Lyndsey, but there is hope and Avian Sunrise's music will lift you.


Chelsplumley commented…

They are a great live band also. Positive lyrics that truly will grab a part of you that you weren't aware needed attention. Really hope things continue to grow for Avian Sunrise! I can't stop listening! Old or new, all their music is relevant.

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