Video Premiere: Derek Webb's 'I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry and I Love You'

As you may know, Derek Webb recruited a bunch of his fans (and maybe some of you?) to help him create the music video for the first single off of his new album, I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry and I Love You. Now that video has premiered, he'll be releasing another new video every week leading up to the release of his album, and it's going to drop on September 3. So, it's going to be a busy few weeks for Derek Webb fans, and it all starts right here ...


Sheri Nicholson


Sheri Nicholson commented…

Not available to view in Canada :( Please change the settings!

Rachel Stella


Rachel Stella replied to Erik deLange's comment

Hey, Canadian fans! :) You should be able to see the video if you go directly to Enjoy!



andy commented…

Could someone link to an article that might put this in perspective? Or, does anyone have any insight into the context of all these periods of his life and what he's apologizing for?

I like what I have heard of Derek Webb's music, but I don't know too much about him.


Clint Hargis-Clay


Clint Hargis-Clay replied to andy's comment

Hey Andy, I know the context of this video is in relation to apologizing to the gay community for how the christian community has traditionally treated them. Derek Webb and author Andrew Marin are close friends. Andrew works to build bridges and relationships between the gay and christian communities. His book "Love is my Orientation" is a terrific book. You should definitely check it out. =]

Clint Hargis-Clay


Clint Hargis-Clay replied to andy's comment

So I'd say that book was an inspiration to this single and the album. Normally when Derek writes a cd, he spends the entire album length discussing one issue instead of like other artists do and make one song to speak about a particular thing

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