Video: Sigur Rós: Brennisteinn

For the last few years, Iceland's angel choir Sigur Rós have been pretty content to stick with the formula that made them famous: otherwordly warbling with flashes of earth-shattering beauty. One doesn't like to critique a very unique, very lovely formula, but one does get the sense that they've been in a bit of a rut over the last few years. But if this new single is any indication, this year's new album, Kveikur, will be a change of pace. This is an aggressive, industrial, almost My Bloody Valentine-esque romp that finds the band blending beauty and danger in equal measure. It's different, it's fascinating and it's right here ...

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Skevin commented…

I love Sigur Ros, but I confess that their last few efforts just sort of blended together for me. This has got me excited again though.

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