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RELEVANT Recommends

With all the books, shows, movies and albums that come out every week, it can be hard to choose what's worth checking out and what's, well, not. At least, it used to be hard. But with RELEVANT Recommends, things are much easier. We give you a list of five things you should be watching, reading or listening to this week.

Anna Karenina

Why We Like It

Uncommonly gifted novel adapter Joe Wright and his muse, Keira Knightley, reunite for to make Tolstoy's rending meditation on love to intricately detailed, elaborately rendered life.

Sweet Tooth

Why We Like It

Ian McEwan, the mind behind Atonement and Enduring Love, is one of his generation's finest novelists, and his latest won't do anything to jeopardize that. Featuring his first female protagonist since Atonement, a CIA operative in 1972, Sweet Tooth will satisfy your craving.

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 Soundtrack

Why We Like It

We know, we know. We take no truck with the miserable conveyer belt of emotionally manipulative garbage that is the Twilight Saga either. The series' sole redeeming factor is the bafflingly good "Music Inspired By" albums that it's spawned, and the final entry is something you'll want in your collection. You won't be able to hear some excellent, original music from St. Vincent, Feist, Ellie Goulding and Passion Pit anywhere else. And, as an added bonus, since none of your friends would be caught dead buying a Twilight soundtrack, you'll get to feel mighty hipster. As long as you stash the album art.


Why We Like It

Spielberg left his tendency for massive, sweeping narratives at home and, instead, zooms in close to focus on the final year in the life of a weary, rugged yet unwavering man who, more than any single person, shaped America's future. And there is simply no end to the career-defining performances.

Silver Linings Playbook

Why We Like It

A lot of good movies were released this week, but maybe none more unexpectedly so than The Silver Linings Playbook, starring a surprisingly natural Bradley Cooper and a not-surprisingly great Jennifer Lawrence. But the best thing thing this story of two mentally-fragile lovers has going for it is director David O. Russell, who brings his keen insight into the human psyche to the gently comedic, tragic forefront.


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