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RELEVANT Recommends

Sadly, the promising-looking Admission—despite a supremely likable cast in Tina Fey and Paul Rudd—is suffering from mediocre reviews. Well, that's how it goes sometimes. But never fear, there are plenty of other options for those headed to the theater this weekend. Also, some exciting new music from a mind-melting guitar wizard and a book that should have been released in paperback months ago.

The Croods

Why We Like It

Dreamworks is on a roll with family entertainment lately, and now, the team behind the exquisite How to Train Your Dragon has another winner on their hands with The Croods. This gorgeous charmer follows the adventures of a prehistoric family (voiced by Emma Stone, Catharine Keener and our National Treasure himself, Nicolas Cage) as they attempt to find a new home after their old cave is destroyed.

Top of the Lake

Why We Like It

Elisabeth Moss (Peggy on Mad Men) stars as a rookie cop in the Sundance Channel's Top of the Lake, in which a small New Zealand town is both drawn together and torn apart by the disappearance of a pregnant 12-year-old. Early reviews are off the charts and this cast is to die for.

The Orchardist

Why We Like It

This novel, the first from newcomer Amanda Coplin, paints a lyrical, haunting portrait of the American West. Talmadge is a compassionate loner who takes two runaway prostitutes under his protection when he learns that dangerous men are after them. With this vow, the quiet life he'd built for himself begins to crumble, but he also opens himself up to new worlds he'd never imagined. This book released last year, but is finally out in paperback, and is well worth your time.

Marnie Stern, 'The Chronicles of Marnia'

Why We Like It

We've been obsessed with the latest album from guitar-tapping wonder-worker Marnie Stern, whose fourth album, the marvelously titled Chronicles of Marnia, shows she has at least as much talent for buoyant melodies as she does for manic, zany, head-spinning guitar solos.

The Sapphires

Why We Like It

In limited release but with eye-popping reviews is The Sapphires, a true story about four Aboriginal women who became soul singers in the '60s. The girls are joined by their manager, Dave (Bridesmaid's Chris O'Dowd), who has them sing for troops during the Vietnam War. It's not the freshest premise on the books, but it's got heart, music and some outstanding performances


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