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First things first: this week was a tough one. Obviously, it feels a little odd to be putting together a list of the best in this week's media options when an entire city is on lockdown and numerous communities are reeling from acts of random and wanton violence. We've been praying for everyone affected by the attacks at MIT and the Boston Marathon, and we pray for the continued safety of everyone in the Boston area as they go through what is almost unimaginable for the rest of us. If you're in the Boston area, please stay safe and vigilant. Our prayers are also with those of you in Texas, where the death toll continues to rise. We know that a list of movies, books and music can't really ease the pain and anxiety of a very difficult week, but there is something to be said for the healing power of good art, and we hope we can provide you with recommendations for some means of relaxing and enjoying yourself over the weekend.


Why We Like It

For his many foibles and faults, Tom Cruise remains one of cinema's most dependable actors. He's a born star, fully capable of channeling onscreen the irresistible down-to-earth charm that has so often eluded him off of it. Oblivion is yet another triumph to add to a catalog full of them.


Why We Like It

Michael Pollan writes about food like it's a calling. In his The Omnivore's Delimma he introduced a culture to a way of loving food that was immensely refreshing, and it's an idea he takes even further in his newest novel Cooked, in which Pollan seeks to master the basic elements—fire, water, air and earth—in his cooking.


Why We Like It

In limited release, this gorgeous, thrilling, Oscar-nominated film follows Thor Heyerdal's legendary journey across the Pacific Ocean in his balsa wood raft.

Record Store Day

Why We Like It

Saturday is Record Store Day, which is a great day to go support local music at participating stores, which you can find here. Lots of bands are releasing special edition albums for the event.


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

We went to see Oblivion on Friday, and while I'm not a Tom Cruise fan, I did really enjoy the movie.
Thanks for the Kon-Tiki trailer! I hadn't even heard of it yet, it look awesome!

Travis Hayes


Travis Hayes commented…

I enjoyed the movie Oblivion, however... the only problem with the movie is the idea of cloning. To those who are outside of the adolescent age it doesn't seem like a big deal, but to those who are younger and still developing, it can have a different impact. This movie almost portrays and even desensitizes younger individuals into thinking that cloning is ok and that a clone of something is exactly like the original. This is dangerous territory to be in especially with the advancement in technology and science. Just something to think about, I won't get on a soapbox here. However, I did enjoy the movie and thought it was produced well.

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