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RELEVANT Recommends

5 things from this week that are worth your time.

With all the books, shows, movies and albums that come out every week, it can be hard to choose what's worth checking out and what's, well, not. At least, it used to be hard. But with RELEVANT Recommends, things are much easier. We give you a list of five things you should be watching, reading or listening to this week.

1. Smashed: James Ponsoldt's heartbreaking Sundance comedy is getting a lot of Oscar buzz for its portrayal of a young couple's attempt to sober up. The wife is played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who is mostly known for playing opposite Michael Cera in Scott Pilgrim VS. The World and here turns in an unforgettable performance of a woman who knows she needs to stop drinking, but can't figure out how. And the husband is Aaron Paul, who has long been turning in Breaking Bad's most consistently riveting performance in a show full of them. Also, Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec) is here, so there's something for everyone.

2. Building Stories by Chris Ware: Among graphic novelists, few names are as revered as that of Chris Ware, whose work within the medium makes as good a case as any for the enduring power of the printed page. His gently-rendered depictions of modern day loneliness show that a medium famous for superhumans is also very adept at depicting humanity

3. The Walking Dead: This Sunday, the whole gang (well, most of the gang) (well, some of the gang) is back for the third season of AMC's undead drama.

4. Freelance Whales, Diluvia: Freelance Whales' first album was a charmer—catchy, fun and mostly forgettable. But where Weathervane bounced, Deluvia soars. This sophomore album makes a strong case for the Freelance Whales' place as an indie-pop band of significance.

5. Argo: The story that will never get tired of the telling is the one how Ben Affleck, his soaring career as an action star derailed by a series of gargantuan flops, suddenly reverted to the other side of the camera and remade himself as an auteur director, with an eye for storytelling, style and development that puts him in the upper league of modern filmmakers. Argo extends his streak of sublime thrillers to a perfect three.

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Anonymous commented…

Just saw Argo last night. Great movie. Very well done.

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