Dustin Kensrue of Modern Post

The first venture from Mars Hill’s music label is a very different kind of worship band, and it’s led by the former Thrice frontman.

This article is from Issue 60: Nov/Dec 2012

Few career arcs are marked with as many surprise twists as Dustin Kensrue’s. Of all the ’00s screamy, angsty, post-hardcore bands, few have been as consistently interesting as Kensrue’s Thrice. But his earthier solo work is equally captivating and reveals serious moments of faith.

So maybe it’s less of a shock that Kensrue’s newest gig finds him the frontman for Modern Post, one of several worship bands at Mars Hill in Seattle, Wash. Kensrue took time out of his schedule to talk about his new band, his new role and worship’s new generation.

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