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RELEVANT Recommends

To be honest, good recommends have been a little scarce around here lately. It's not our fault that every single week isn't flooded with incredible art. However, this week's a veritable treasure trove of great stuff that you've hopefully got plenty of time in your weekend to enjoy. There are at least two excellent movies hitting theaters, along with a bevy of great music and television debuting. So what are you waiting for?

To the Wonder

Why We Like It

If you thought Tree of Life was a little too slow and self-indulgent, To the Wonder won't win you over on Terrence Malick's meditative, poetic style of filmmaking (Ben Affleck, the film's star, says it makes "Tree of Life look like Transformers.") But Malick's fans will doubtless be thrilled to immerse themselves in his indescribably beautiful visuals and soul-lifting meditations again. This time, the semi-autobiographical story focuses on Affleck's inability to choose between the duty of love and the emotion of it, contrasting it with a local priest's crisis of faith.

Bread & Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes

Why We Like It

Shauna Niequist's excellent collection of essays about relationships and the meals that often hold them together is funny, insightful and stuffed with recipes. It's really a book about hunger—physical, emotional and spiritual—and how to meet that hunger in truly satisfying ways.

James Blake 'Overgrown'

Why We Like It

James Blake is that rare electronica artist who actually seems more into making "songs" than just "noises." His new album is a dizzying maze of patient loops and quivering melodies, but they all swirl into a loose structure that will break your heart and carry you aloft.


Why We Like It

Julia Louis-Dreyfus' little-watched much much-loved HBO comedy deserves a wider audience, if only for its very funny unveiling of her job as Vice President of the United States look about as glamorous as your job, or anyone else's. It also features Tony Hale (he seems funny. Someone should interview him) and Anna Chlumsky.


Why We Like It

The story of Jackie Robinson is the stuff great sports movies are made of, and 42 looks to have made good on its source material.


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