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This week features two strong monster movies, one featuring a beloved group of cuddly pals—the other, featuring a somewhat less charming crew. But perhaps the most anticipated monster show of the week is the Mad Men season finale, in which a whole host of inner demons will have to find some sort of resolution. Or, as much resolution as Mad Men ever gives anyone.

World War Z

Why We Like It

Few movies in recent memory have had as much trouble getting made as Brad Pitt's massive budget zombie drama. Onset injuries, book fans crying foul, disputes between Pitt and the director, multiple re-shoots, a ballooning budget and one highly publicized case of actual terrorists stealing cases of the real guns from the movie's alleged "prop department." And it's all led to this: a global zombie epic that is getting very good reviews.

'Mad Men' Season Finale

Why We Like It

Mad Men will wrap up one of its strongest seasons this week, and if history is any indication, it will go out with a bang. The next season, the seventh, will be the show's last. This is the end before the beginning of the end.

Sigur Rós, 'Kveikur'

Why We Like It

Although Kanye's release got the most attention this week, Kveikur may actually be more interesting. Like Kanye, the famously wintery Icelandic band is exploring significantly more industrial, NIN-esque sounds. Unlike Kanye, however, the result isn't abrasive. Kveikur is a wilder, more aggressive sound, but it doesn't lose any of Sigur Rós' trademark ethereal beauty.

Instructions for a Heatwave

Why We Like It

Maggie O'Farrell is a British writer whose past works—particularly 2010's The Hand That First Held Mine—represent a sort of old fashioned, deeply beautiful writing that transports you as surely as a road trip. Her new novel, about a family harboring deep wounds who attempt to come together around the sudden disappearance of a patriarch, rings stunningly true.

Monsters University

Why We Like It

The once sterling name of Pixar has been weathering touchy seas of late, with neither Cars 2 or Brave performed at quite the level audiences have come to expect from the most dependable name in film. And although Monsters U—the studio's first prequel—isn't quite at the level of the Pixar's glory days, it's still pretty fun.




Alyssa commented…

Bummed that John Mayers "Paper doll" wasn't on here

Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

I excited to see Monsters University this weekend :-)
Way better than World War Z!

Darren Ebbing


Darren Ebbing commented…

I saw WWZ, and wasn't super impressed... Almost wished I'd seen Monsters U (I have young kids). WWZ wasn't terrible or anything, it was just a kind of predictable movie. Nothing groundbreaking.

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