More than Just a Holy Diet

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?
1 Corinthians 6:19 TNIV

Fasting and prayer are often mentioned together in the Bible. Prayer takes on new meaning when you're weak enough that you sometimes feel the wind might blow you over. It is a physical manifestation of a spiritual reality: We are husks of nothingness without God.

While I was fasting, the lines between spiritual and physical realities blurred. The Hebrew word that's translated "soul" in the Old Testament actually means "breath." The ancient Israelites didn't have the distinction between mind and matter (or spirit and body) that we do today. We got that from Greek philosophy.

We run into problems when we make the soul all-important and the body totally insignificant. When we forget that our bodies matter, we live lopsided lives. We forget to rest. We forget that our very cells are holy and that the clearest word God's ever spoken came to us as a body with red blood and breakable bones. The spiritual intersects profoundly with the physical.

Our souls are all tangled up in our bodies, and when I fast, I know this. I become more aware of each small physical thing and each small spiritual thing, and that they are not so separate as I once believed.

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Do you fast regularly? Determine a time to do so in the next week.


nina underdue


nina underdue commented…

amazing how the this article about the one thing that can break spiritual chains and set captives free has gone uncommented. #fo'realchurch?

Alma Truyts


Alma Truyts commented…

love this. thank you

Joy Harris


Joy Harris commented…

thanks for this reminder. i haven't fasted in a while, and now i am challenged to do so soon.



nicova commented…

I love the content of this post. The author is sure take a lot of time to prepare for this post. Really thank you!

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