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Why We Don't Have All the Answers

February 8th, 2012

Why We Don't Have All the Answers

By Cameron Conant

Why is life given to a man whose way is hidden, whom God has hedged in?
   Job 3:23 NIV

I USED TO think there was a tidy answer for everything, that the Bible provided answers to every question on earth—but it doesn't. That doesn't mean it's not true; it just means God never intended to answer all of our questions. Job is perhaps the best example of this. The Scriptures tell us God allowed Satan to do terrible things to Job—kill most of his family, take away his wealth, put horrible sores on his body—and yet Job never learns why. He asks all sorts of questions of God and never gets a theological explanation. Instead, he gets all sorts of questions right back from God. "Where were you when I laid the earth's foundation? Tell me, if you understand, who marked off its dimensions? Surely you know!"

God's point seems to be this: I know more than you will ever know. 

Sometimes, these incredible moments with God come in silent, painful times—times of not knowing, times when you sit and wonder why life turned out the way it did. And slowly, you come to sense deep within your soul that it will be OK, that the tension between faith and doubt, knowing and not knowing, fact and mystery, is a tension worth embracing.

What are some questions you've asked of God in the past? Did you get an answer? Was it the one you expected?

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Tim commented…

The Pharisees knew the scriptures probably better almost
any of todays leaders. They were so convinced they had interpreted them
correctly and understood them so well that even the Son of God could not change
their minds. As a result, they missed Him! God wants us to hold tight to the
truths that matter, but too many religious leaders today are like the Pharisees
holding so tightly to things that do not matter that they miss Him!


Anonymous commented…

As I am trying to figure my password errors(my errors), this is a very astute observation. If one went to Romans chapter ten and verse one, it is shown that the pharisees intended to establish their own rightousness which is self righteous. Not wanting to take credit, it is almost like God deci8ded to give us Job to teach us one thing whether you understand or not, God does not bow to our intellect or understanding. with that, it is the biggest ideals iin the bible-if we cannot comprehend the truth or are perplexed even baffled-we are to have a steadfast faith in God even when God does not make sense to us.

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