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The Irony of Christian Celebrity

March 16th, 2012

The Irony of Christian Celebrity

By Glenn Packiam

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

   Psalm 90:12 NIV

IT IS NOT enough to do God's work; we must do it in God's way. And that way is no more evident than in Jesus. We cannot keep justifying our methods by saying so long as people are "coming to Christ," it doesn't matter how we do it. The division between our message and our methods is a false dichotomy.

It's not just the methodology of lights and video and technology and rock music—but the way, the values that shape how we approach ministry. I suggest we value fame—we call it "influence"—too much. I suggest we value size and scale too much. I suggest we care more about systems and efficiency in our churches than we do about the personal and the communal. And I think it's time to mend our ways.

Psalm 90 prays we would learn our frailty and be able to "number our days," to understand we will have an end to our efforts, a limit to our strength. For Jesus, immortality—living forever, the eternal kind of life—was not in the gods of fame or success, but in knowing "the only true God" (John 17:3, TNIV). And this, more than anything else, is what Jesus wants for us, too. 

Have you, your church or your leaders gotten caught up in the "fame" of faith? How can you correct this attitude? 

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fro commented…

Spot on. Worship has been turned to mere 'entertainment' and 'enterprising'. Growth is now a 'number-game', and 'marketing' strategies or worse 'sheep stealing', a game ofkeeping up with the mega-church trend.Butnot to worry, the Lord of the Church will soon come and perhaps is already here bringing HIS correction to this all.


Anonymous commented…

It has been said that the Bible tells us that all churches will fall away from God. And that many people will not make it to where they think they are going. I don't know if that information actually came from the Bible or not. But I wouldn't doubt it.

Hypocrisy seems to go hand in hand with Christianity. After all, Jesus didn't create some brand of religion. And He certainly didn't yearn for celeb status. Man took it upon himself to stink up the church. Deception is easy. Seeing clearly is not.

More and more churches have become corporatized and ran like businesses. They cater to so-called Christian celebrities and promote the same paganism that is against God altogether. So you could say that most people go to church one day a week to "behave". But they carry on in their lives like pagans. This is true just by my own observations.

There is no such thing as a Christian celebrity. Anyone who is famous and basks in all the glory is no Christian at all. The only reason Jesus is famous is because of men, not Himself. Exalting. Idolatry. Flattery. Admiration. Vanity. Those few words alone speak of bad things. And they all exist with the famous. But also with anyone who is self centered that lives life to for their own purpose rather than God's. Nearly everyone I know or have associated with is a terrible Christian or none at all.

Christianity is a man-made brand name that has been used to dilute God's word into something that is equal to other ideologies. Remove the label, open the Book, and learn. Then you will find yourself moving in the right direction. Knowing God requires unconditional sacrifice. And there is a lot nowadays to give up. People that hang out on Facebook aren't Christians. Not true ones. That's a bold statement to make. How can I be certain? Because I was once one of those people. And once I realized that social networking breeds narcissism and pretentious behavior, I got out FAST. It is sickening to see how people behave and yearn for approval ratings. This is ungodly behavior. And we literally have a world full of hypocrites, many who are deceived enough to not know better.

Wanna challenge?

Throw away your television, video game system, DVDs, and anything else that is unnecessary for a Christian. Don't pass the evil off on someone else. Literally throw them into the garbage, knowing the trash truck smashed them to bits. You made a large sacrifice for the sake and glory of God. I kid you not. Take the challenge. I did so over a year ago. I once stood on a stage, basking in self glory as a rock musician. Something I did since I was a teenager many years ago. And I had a high reputation for being very good. But all that admiration, envy, and that tall pedestal did nothing for me. Just imagine how worthless I would have been if my arms fell off. Those so-called "friends" would have dropped me quickly. But God wouldn't have.

I left the stage as part of my sacrifice for God. I decided to become modest. I worry less about how well I dress. I always act like myself no matter who's around. And to me, a job is something honest that doesn't feed an ego, like being in a rock band. Now I work in construction. My life is void of modern pop stars and celebs. I don't waste my time on that. And politics are a man-made system used to make people angry and make them hate one another. More ungodly behavior. We are true followers of God should avoid such things. After all, we live IN this world not OF it.

My family life has improved since I gave up being selfish. Living God's way is the only good way. Society's way stinks for most and only helps a few. We should all be spending a lot less time on dreaming about a new house, new car, and a swimming pool. We should be living as servants of God and setting an example. The poorest people are servants. Jesus was one. The fortunate people will likely be overlooked. So, don't think that just behaving will get you there. You will likely be asked. What did you give up for God?

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