This article is from Issue 62: March/April 2013

Are You an e-Vangelical?

Take this quiz to guage how tech-savvy/awesome your church is!

If I see you using an iPhone during church, I assume you are playing Angry Birds.

Or Temple Run.

Or Plants vs. Zombies.

I’m sorry. That’s just how I was raised.

I don’t assume you’re looking up the Greek root word for a particular idea. I don’t assume you’re taking sermon notes. I don’t assume you’re giving directions to your seat to a friend in the lobby.

I assume you’re tweeting about how much you love your raw denim jeans and your TOMS and your unnecessary scarf. (That’s when you wear a scarf with a short-sleeved T-shirt.)

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m old-fashioned. Maybe I’m a paper man in a fiber-optic world. Times have changed, and churches have jumped into the world of technology with both feet.

If you’re a fan of these modern times, how do you know if a church is tech-savvy enough for you?

Easy. You use this scorecard.

Tech Church Scorecard

Culled from years of research and statistical analysis that would make your teeth hurt if we dared describe it, this scorecard is the most accurate tech-savvy guide any church has ever seen. Use it at your leisure to determine if the church you’re attending possesses the digital acumen your touchscreen heart is looking for.

Mark the points that apply to your church, then add up your score and see how it fares!

  1. The bulletin has a URL printed on it. (+1 point)

  2. The bulletin has the pastor’s Twitter handle printed on it. (+2 points)

  3. The bulletin has Pinterest listed on it. (+3 points)

  4. The bulletin has Google+ listed on it. (-1 point)

  5. The bulletin lists “http” with every URL. (-2 points)

  6. The bulletin isn’t printed on paper. Instead, ushers hand out iPads for everyone. (+10 points)

  7. The church offers free Wi-Fi. (+1 point)

  8. Members of the church know which parts of the sanctuary offer the best Wi-Fi signal. (+3 points)

  9. A countdown clock lets people know when church is about to start. (+1 point)

  10. You can give your offering via an ATM in the lobby. (+2 points)

  11. Instead of an offering basket, they pass an iPad. (+1 point)

  12. You can give your offering via a square debit-card reader attached to the back of each seat in the sanctuary. (+3 points)

  13. The church has satellite campuses. (+2 points)

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