Convergence Video: Spiritual Practices

Donald Miller talks with Lauren Winner about how to meet God in the everyday.

RELEVANT is proud to bring you the exclusive web premiere of Spiritual Practices: How to Meet God in the Everyday, the newest entry in the Convergence series. Spiritual Practices features a conversation with Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz) and Dr.
Lauren Winner (Real Sex: The Naked Truth About Chastity) about spiritual practices and how they
can lead us to meet God in our everyday lives. Convergence is a series of videos hosted by author Donald Miller especially for small groups. Each DVD features Miller facilitating
a conversation with another well-known Christian author or speaker
about the challenges that Christians face while trying to integrate
faith with real life. More information can be found at

This 60-minute video is broken into five parts, with part one below.


Part 2:


Part 3: 


Part 4:


Part 5:


  1. Spiritual practices are activities we engage in to help us experience God in our daily lives. Don and Lauren discussed some practices that are common among us, such as prayer, Bible study, fellowship and corporate singing. Describe specific benefits and struggles you have had with spiritual practices.

  2. Lauren and Don discuss the idea that prayer is more than talking to God.; it is entering into and participating in God's life. Have you ever thought of prayer that way? Read Colossians 4:2. How can this Scripture guide us in bringing prayer into our daily activities?

  3. As indicated by the Psalms, we can expect to experience the full range of human emotion in our life with God and in the use of spiritual practices. Lauren singles out boredom as her main struggle. What struggles do you have? How might you go "deeper with God" amidst that struggle?



Jim commented…

This was great. I love Don.


One mic commented…

Donald Miller kind of looks like that guy in law and order.


lifeseek commented…

Its almost like this American culture is designed to put holes in our daily spiritual life. This video series with Don and Dr. Lauren re inspires me to want to fill those holes that have been left with intentional spiritual disciplines....I think when we use the term organic, we have this view that it means that something runs freely and in its most natural lines of growth. There is some truth to that, but what seems to be missing from this view is the disciplined preparation that goes into making sure this "organic" growth takes place. Thanks for posting this!


Bill Brasky commented…

who's the band that plays on the promo video??

Chris Zwakenberg


Chris Zwakenberg commented…

This is a great discussion. Also, I never knew that the principal from "School of Rock" was a Christian.

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