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True Freedom

I will keep your law continually, forever and ever, and I shall walk in a wide place, for I have sought your precepts.
Psalm 119:44-45 ESV

God's laws, rules and Jesus' teachings can appear as a type of straight jacket to those who are not followers of Jesus. These rules may even seem to inhibit a person from being themselves, having fun or living life to its fullest. But keeping God's law (doing what the Bible and Jesus said) will allow us to walk in wide places. This can seem contradictory, but as one looks at what the Bible lays out for our lives, we see that it helps us to live a life that is free from the wages of sin.

The supposedly "freeing" lifestyle choices can no longer ensnare or have dominion over us. Talk to a homeless drug addict on the street, and ask if he feels like he has liberty and freedom in life. Speak with a young lady who has to make the decision whether to keep, abort or give up her soon to be daughter because she can't afford to raise a child. Do these situations ring of freedom to you? Charles Spurgeon said about this verse, "The way of holiness is not a track for slaves, but the King's highway for freemen." Jesus said that He came to give us life abundantly. Not a life of rules and restrictions, but a freedom to live as the people we were made to be.

This devotion is adapted from with permission.

Talk About It

Are you living your life with a false sense of liberty, or in true freedom?


Moyo Mamora


Moyo Mamora commented…

Liberty is a God concept. "
If TheSontherefore willsetyoufree, you will truly be the children of liberty.John 8:26, GWT.

There are sometimes when people extend the liberties enjoyed in the US until it ensares them. An example is the freedom to speak and free press, which has been abused in speaking against leaders. I believe leaders should be in check by the constituents, but at the same time Scriptures says we should pray for them (1 Tim.2:2), and not speak evil of them (Acts 23:5).Liberty is best enjoyed within the bounds of God's word.


Haddasah commented…

Love is liberation.
I said that to someone in a dream and the Holy Spirit has slowly been showing me
what it truly means to be free. It means you are secure enough to love yourself despite your flaws, to know God's love for you and to live in that love long enough to overflow onto others. Love is liberation. No one can enslave you when you have love.

John Rader


John Rader commented…

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