Issue 63: May/June 2013

The Drop

Emerging Artists You Should Know

  • 2013: The JT Experience

    He’s spent the last seven years being an actor, sketch comedian and designer. Now, Justin Timberlake is getting back to being what he’s best at: a star. Read More

  • Martin Smith

    The Delirious? frontman who propelled worship into the modern era is stepping out on his own. Read More

  • Atlas Genius

    It’s a dream that bands often talk about but rarely achieve: record a song so good it makes you famous all by itself… Read More

  • Beautiful Eulogy

    It’s been fascinating to watch Portland’s Humble Beast transform from a niche Christian rap label to one of the most interesting labels in the business… Read More

  • Leagues

    “We wrote this music for the uncynical ear,” Thad Cockrell says… Read More

  • Attack of the Drones

    When a memo from the Justice Department surfaced in February of this year, it cast a new light on one of the biggest modern military secrets—and not a flattering one… Read More

  • How Art Can Be Activism

    Russian author and dissident Alekzandr Solzehnitzyn once asked, “What good is art in a violent world?”  It’s a valid question… Read More

  • Pushing City Limits

    As Millenials move into the city, they're changing the urban DNA. The effects are both social and spiritual. Read More


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