Issue 64: July/August 2013

The Drop

Emerging Artists You Should Know

  • Chris Tomlin: Earth’s Most-Sung Artist

    It came as a surprise when CNN hailed worship leader Chris Tomlin as the world’s most-sung artist. It’s a hard claim to quantify, but Christian Copyright Licensing International estimates Tomlin’s songs were played in churches well over 3.1 million times in 2012… Read More

  • As I Lay Dying Singer Arrested in Murder Plot

    The Christian metal world is not easily shocked, but every subculture has its limits, and Christian metal mainstays As I Lay Dying barreled through them recently when lead singer Tim Lambesis attempted to hire a hit man to assassinate his wife… Read More

  • Haim

    Danielle Haim probably could have made a decent living without ever starting a band… Read More

  • Citizens

    Citizens is one of the most exciting artists on Mars Hill’s new music label, which is looking to make the Christian worship music scene as diverse as the body of Christ… Read More

  • Telekinesis

    Michael Benjamin Lerner’s voice is what gets you… Read More

  • Q&A with Jesus Culture's Kim Walker-Smith

    As Jesus Culture redefines worship music's boundaries, Kim Walker-Smith is exploring some limits of her own. Read More


Shorter thoughts about deeper issues.

  • Embracing the In-Between

    Summer is an odd time of year… Read More

  • Movies and Morality

    Right now, there’s a trend for Christians, especially those who are young, liberal and hip, to see movies according to mere aesthetics. Just look at your Twitter feed to see all those unreservedly championing the latest from Quentin Tarantino or Michael Haneke… Read More

  • The Forgotten Art of Following

    Where in the Bible does it say God commands us, as Christians, to be leaders?  When Jesus called His disciples, He didn’t tell them, “Lead others.”  He told them, “Follow Me.” And yet that’s not what church conferences tend to be about.  Nor is it the stuff of bestselling books… Read More

  • The World's Forgotten War

    The deadliest war since World War II is raging right now—though most Americans have never heard of it… Read More

  • Why You Can't Save the World

    Following His story of the Good Samaritan, Jesus offered up a simple command: “Go, and do likewise”—that is, be a neighbor by showing mercy to those you find in need… Read More


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