Issue 72: November/December 2014

The Drop

Emerging Artists You Should Know


    In many ways, electronic music, once the outcast of the music world, has become part of the popular crowd… Read More

  • Swoope

    Back in 2012, when Rapzilla asked Christian hip-hop king Lecrae which artists were inspiring him, Swoope was one of the main artists mentioned… Read More

  • The Last Internationale

    While many bands shy away from singing about controversial issues, The Last Internationale tackles them head on… Read More

  • Gemini Club

    Gemini Club is a hybrid of sorts, heavily influenced by electronica but also committed to rock and roll… Read More

  • Q&A: Sleeping At Last

    Ryan O'Neal on his 'Atlas' project, creativity and faith Read More

  • Does 'Hashtivism' Really Work?

    Fashionable cynics love to deride “hashtag activism”: those thousands of "wasted" gallons of water dumped for ALS, the “pathetic” and “useless” #BringBackOurGirls tweets, the Snapchat solidarity with victims of police abuse in Ferguson, Missouri—at safe distances from the events… Read More

  • Can Immigration Actually Be Reformed?

    "What are we pushing for, again?” After an emotional film and panel discussion, the captivated congregation sat in anticipation, waiting to hear how they could get involved and make a difference… Read More

  • The NFL Shines a Light on Domestic Abuse

    Back in September, a video surfaced online that showed Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking out Janay Palmer (his fiancee at the time, now his wife)… Read More

  • Freedom of Expression

    Of all the liberties the world’s free countries enjoy, few are easier to take for granted than freedom of speech… Read More

  • What is the Islamic State?

    One of the biggest troubles facing any attempt to take down a terrorist organization is that terrorist organizations aren’t large, monolithic entities… Read More


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