This article is from Issue 63: May/June 2013

10 Epic Things to do this Summer

There’s nothing wrong with pool parties and barbecues, but why not use this summer to branch out and do something new? Something totally EPIC. To help inspire your ambition, we’ve compiled a list of 10 ideas to make the summer of 2013 the best ever.


Who needs a half-marathon when you can run a race that includes wading through mud bogs, avoiding electrified wires and leaping fire hazards? Adventure races like the Tough Mudder, Reebok’s Spartan Run and the Warrior Dash let racers live every eight-year-old’s dream by running through mud-drenched courses littered with American Gladiator-inspired outdoor obstacles. And because most are reasonable distances and designed more for weekend warriors than elite athletes, getting in shape for an adventure race is an achievable goal. And if swimming through sludge and avoiding getting shocked isn’t your thing, the 5K Color Run craze (where runners are doused with colorful powders as they blaze their course) is a more-tame, art-inspired outing, but you still get all the perks of bragging about the race you ran.


Everyone knows the story of Woz and Jobs starting Apple out of a garage or Mark Zuckerberg launching Facebook from a Harvard dorm room. But it’s not just tech companies that got their start with little more than a shared passion and a few hundred bucks: Multi-billion-dollar retailer Whole Foods was founded by two twentysomething college-dropout health nuts selling produce out of their apartment. It got them evicted but, well, it worked out. And, even recently, if it weren’t for free time and a good idea, do-good companies like TOMS shoes and Warby Parker eyewear, environmentally sustainable businesses like Mast Brothers Chocolate, and a slew of socially conscious fair-trade coffee dealers wouldn’t be around. So this summer, if you’ve got a business idea and enough passion to tap into your inner-entrepreneur, you could join some good company. Or, if all else fails, you will have an in on Shark Tank. Which, brings us to our next EPIC summer idea …

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