9 Things to Do While You’re Still Single

A bucket list for before you tie the knot.

I’ve been single my entire life so far. And while there are difficult days, there are definitely upsides to being single that can be overlooked. There’s no reason to sit around, waiting for the dream guy or girl to come along.

As for me, I’m learning to live life, no matter my relationship status. And whether or not you ever get married, singleness is simply better suited to some activities and bits than marriage is.

After polling my married friends and reflecting over my life, here are the top things to do while you’re still single:

1. Travel As Much As Possible.

You have the time now and no one else’s schedule to work around! Go for it.

I’ve been fortunate enough to fly to visit college friends in Seattle and South Carolina, stand in my friend’s wedding in Texas, go on summer camping trips and spontaneous day road trips, and even live in three different states in the past few years.

Traveling gives you a chance to experience new things, expand your worldview and gives you a sense of pride (the good kind) in your abilities to handle things on your own. Plus, it’s just fun!

2. Save Money.

I’ll admit, this is one I am still working on. Adjusting to marriage can be difficult enough without the added stress of financial burdens. Many of my married friends recommend building up your savings and paying off as many loans as possible now as opposed to later. Also, practice budgeting now (I’m preaching to the choir here)—it’ll be one less thing to adjust to in married life eventually.

3. Enjoy Time With Friends

Use this precious time with friends to the fullest—don’t let it slip by.

This one goes for time with both married and single friends. I treasure my relationships with my friends in both categories. Since I only have my schedule to consider right now, setting up times to grab coffee or go on weekend excursions is rather simple. Use this precious time with friends to the fullest—don’t let it slip by.

4. Get Involved With Church

Along with the time with friends, connecting at church is much easier to commit to when you’re single. I’m currently helping out with my church’s children’s ministry and love that I can dedicate as much time to it as I do. I’m usually free for the extracurricular events outside of Sunday mornings, too, so I try to help out with those as often as possible.

It can be easy to feel down about how open your schedule may seem without weekly romantic dates to go on, but it’s so fulfilling to use this season of life to invest in others.

5. Live With Friends

Once you marry your future spouse, that’s the last roommate you’ll ever choose to live with. Kind of crazy to think about, huh? So if you’ve always thought it would be fun to be the Rachel to your friend’s Monica or the Chandler to your friend’s Joey (sorry, I couldn’t resist a Friends TV show reference), what better time than now? I had a roommate who became a friend during my time living in Texas, and now my sister and I share a place, which is great. We both know that we might not be roommates forever — although we do have a backup plan to become crazy cat ladies together if necessary (just kidding…we like dogs better) — so we’re enjoying all the Netflix marathons, meals together, and general silliness we’re having while living together currently.

6. Go For Any Academic Dreams You Have.

When I entered college, my plan was to find a guy there, get engaged, graduate and get married.

Simple, right?

Well, thankfully God had different plans, because what I didn’t realize about myself back then was that I can be very easily distracted from a goal. Had I had a boyfriend, maybe I would have been too preoccupied to fully go after a dream I’d had since I was 8 years old: to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. I ended up graduating with my BA in four years.

It’s never too late to go back, get another degree, go for a Master’s, etc, but it gets much more difficult once you’re married or thinking about starting a family. So if you have an education dream, now is the time.

7. Go On Mission Trips

This one goes along with the travel point. I am going on my first mission trip as an adult this summer (I’ve previously gone on two when I was still in high school) and I’m very excited about taking such a big step in faith. Yes, it takes a lot of commitment now, but it’s something I wanted to do during my time of singleness because I’ve had several friends, most of whom are married with young kids, who tell me they’d love to go on one too but it’s not the right time in life for them currently. For me, it is, and it’s something I don’t want to waste.

If you have something you’ve always wanted to pursue, be it a new hobby, sport, dream, so on, work toward it now.

8. Establish Routines For Whatever You’re Passionate About.

If you have something you’ve always wanted to pursue, be it a new hobby, sport, dream, so on, work toward it now. Don’t let it be that mystical thing that you’ll get around to “eventually.” Sure, you’re busy, but you still have more free time now than you will later in life, so be brave and try something new!

9. Spend time with God

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This one may seem obvious, but it’s interesting how easily it can be overlooked, at least in my own life. I have tons of time to do all the things I mentioned above, but most important of all is to spend quality time with my Savior.

Make it a part of your daily life now to read your Bible, pray, journal and go to a Bible study. Don’t forget the One who loves you most of all. It’s a great, important thing to try to accomplish everything listed above, but if we miss this last point, our time without a significant other will have been without a real purpose.

So, go ahead, embrace this thing we call singleness, achieve your goals, and follow God above all. Because life doesn’t start when you’re married—life is happening now.

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Top Comments

Tania Harris


Tania Harris commented…

I appreciate the sentiments in this article, but something niggles at me while I read it. All of the things listed can and should continue in marriage. Marriage is doing life with your best friend. It is not a destination, where all of these things suddenly become obsolete. Think of it, never having to find another flatmate. Never having to juggle your diary because your best friend lives with you. Never having to survive on no income when you lose your job. Never having to find a travel buddy. Having someone there to encourage you in those daily routines you're trying to establish. I think the one thing singles need to do before they marry is to work out who they are as individuals. Practise relationship and communication skills. Learn to give to others and act practise selflessness. These are the things we really need to do.

megan coleman


megan coleman commented…

Great article. Definitely a nail on the head moment for all the great ways that we, as singles, can embrace that particular label of our life. What gets me is the title and general 'gist' of your article. What I do while we 'wait' to get married. That implies that as a single person I must be waiting for the next step. Waiting for the perfect time to be someone's 'other half'. Waiting until I get to check the married box and become a 'Mrs.' But what if that time never comes. We aren't promised a spouse. We aren't promised that a marriage is the be all end all for every person. I am in no way trying to discourage or put down your great article. I just wish when we/I/the greater community talked about singleness and that state of being- it wasn't always thought of as a stepping stone to something bigger and better. I've worked really hard to get to the point where for me, right now, being single is the biggest and the best. I am completely me in God's eyes without waiting for what's next. Because who knows if marriage is anywhere in my future. Once again- don't me to be discouragement, just one of my soapboxes I have to stand on every once in a while. Because getting to this part of my journey and embracing being single wasn't easy or quick.




seppielynn commented…

Thanks for everyone's comments. I can see how it can be interpretted a couple different ways. I agree with @krista, the author is implying not to sit around complacent why you're single, and get out and enjoy life DOING THESE THINGS vs. waiting to be married to do them. That could be many years from now perhaps; and you could look back on your life and wonder where the time went and what you did during all of those days. Right now I'm in a relationship with a good man, but I'm starting to notice that I'm losing my sense of self a little bit. This article just helped me realize that I don't have to do everything with him (we're not married yet), and I should still get out and do these things as a single, unmarried woman. I think we're much more attractive and also have an ora about us, when we're doing things we love as a single person. Maybe the author is trying to make that exact point, get out and enjoy life; single or married, vs sitting around waiting for what?

Eliza Oliveira


Eliza Oliveira commented…

Check All . I agree with all 9, after I start doing all those my life took a different path. I have more fun and learning how to have fun on my own :) <3

Clayton E. Palmer


Clayton E. Palmer commented…

Riddled with inconsistencies, which some have been stated in previous posts, but the overall redundancy is annoying. Assumes marriage will happen, doesn't address the real beauty of singleness as a gift/lifestyle. Practically choking on the american cultural Christian ideology. *sigh*

Chelsea  Davis


Chelsea Davis commented…

Loved this post! Over the past year I've been writing about the advantages we have now while in this season of life, and I can honestly say that when I started writing I was not ok with being single. But as God revealed more and more things, I started to really appreciate this time and all it has to offer. If you find yourself in this same boat, you can read about the perks of singleness I've been writing about at my blog: www.mysinglelifethoughts.blogspot.com



ppetretta commented…

I can attest to the benefits of traveling and missions on both sides of marriage. My experiences before I was married with kids birthed an outdoor/wilderness adventure group that facilitates a relationship with God through time spent in creation...http://mossoutdoors.org.

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