This article is from Issue 53: Sept/Oct 2011

The Non-Essential Guide to Fall

Ah, fall. Those few golden months between summer swelter and a long winter, when college kids head off to school, new shows break the drudgery of prime-time reruns, and we finally have more wardrobe options than “what’s the least amount of clothing I can wear while still being work-appropriate.” This year we’ve compiled a guide to our favorite season. From autumnal fashion tips, to secrets for winning your fantasy football league, to new ideas for enjoying the great outdoors—we’ve got it all.

Your Guide to Fall Style

There’s nothing like walking outside on a crisp autumn morning to remind you summer has ended—and with the harvest equinox comes a drop in mercury.

This is why it’s important to own a bunch of rad retro sweaters.

Fall gives everyone from hipsters to lumberjacks an excuse to bust out a flannel, grow some burly facial hair and add to the scarf collection. Here’s a quick rundown of autumn looks that work for everything from raking leaves, to riding a fixie, to attending your first semester humanities lecture. These styles will keep you fresh all season long:

The Ron Swanson

To get the look of Parks & Recreation’s fearless leader, all you’ll need is a couple of burgundy flannel shirts and a trusty pair of extra-blue blue jeans or pleated slacks.

Accessories: Rolled-up sleeves (working man-style), a beard, a tool/utility belt, a grin that says, “I may look like a grisly old carpenter, but I’ve got a heart of gold”

As seen on: Zach Galifianakis, Al Borland, ’90s rock stars out on ukulele tours, the Brawny Man

The Bohemian Grandma

For this look, you can literally wear what-ever you want, in as many layers as you want, as long as it’s accompanied by at least three scarves—and you must constantly clutch a Starbucks cup tightly with both hands.

Accessories: Dark glasses, long/unwashed hair, a blanket worn as a shirt

As seen on: The Olsen twins, the dude from Twilight, Ashton Kutcher, your grandmother

The Sweater Collector

Want to look both cozy and cosmopolitan? Then bust out the argyle, because nothing says “fall” like some killer sweaters. Whether it’s a thick, woolen retro classic, a knitted night-out number or the ever-itchy oversized turtleneck, you’ll want to fully stock up your closet so you can get your Cliff Huxtable on all season long.

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