Issue 62: March/April 2013

The Drop

Emerging Artists You Should Know

  • Joel Houston

    The lead worshipper of Hillsong United and co-pastor of Hillsong NYC keeps following the rhythm of where God leads Read More

  • Mount Moriah

    The North Carolina music scene is one of America’s more exciting ones of late, with the folk revival finding its epicenter in a place it never really left, and Mount Moriah is at the movement’s forefront… Read More

  • Milo Greene

    The word “lush” is tossed around a lot in music write-ups like this and, usually, you feel like it’s being used as nothing more than a lazy synonym for “pretty.” But it’s a marvelous descriptor for the Los Angeles quintet Milo Greene, which layers melody upon lyric upon melody to form a dizzying experience that is thrilling, soothing, unique and—yes—very, very lush… Read More

  • Millennials Are Now Old Enough to Care About Band Reunions

    Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t stand your parents’ music? They’d pull out some Styx, Amy Grant or Steely Dan and you’d just roll your eyes, adjust your headphones and turn up Boyz II Men to drown out their singing in the kitchen? Well, odds are the shoe’s on the other foot now… Read More

  • Pop Is Getting Sadder

    Now more than ever, everybody hurts. New research proves pop music is on the downturn, emotionally speaking. Read More


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