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Colbert Conquers Space

Stephen Colbert has officially won NASA's online contest to name a new room on the international space station. Colbert's name beat the second place entry (the incredibly lame "Serenity") by more than 40,000 votes. All that's left is to wait and see if NASA will follow through, or welsh on the contest and draw the ire of the Colbert Nation ...





Roren commented…

"the Joss Whedon show"? :D

that's like saying, "the James Cameron movie"... :P



littlecynicism commented…

Weeeell, I don't get it and no matter what it's about it just makes me think of cruise ships and spas (the Serenity Deck, the Serenity Room, Serenity Candles)


relevantadam commented…

Agreed. Colbert just sounds so majestic.

Sinner James


Sinner James commented…

The fifth word in the Guardian's story on this is "embarrassed," and that's exactly what we should be if NASA has to name this thing "Colbert." I think the man's as funny and witty as the next guy, but we're talking about an international space station here. The name should "reflect the spirit of exploration and cooperation embodied by the space station," as NASA's site suggests. "Colbert" just reflects extreme narcissism, faked or not, and shrewd publicity. Footnotes in all the history books on the ISS: Mr Colbert was a political comedian who mainly used his influence in getting his viewing audience to vote for things to be undeservedly named after him.

By the way, "serenity" probably has a more appropriate connection with something like the Sea of Serenity on the moon than "that Joss Whedon show."



ajamison commented…

Ah, no "Serenity" is not lame. I love Colbert, but Serenity obviously fits much better. And "the Joss Whedon" was called Firefly, and it is wonderful.

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