Candy Land Turns Sixty, Will Still Annoy Your Parents

Candy Land, that game kids love because it involves sweets and adults hate because there is NO skill involved (not that we're bitter), turned 60 today. To celebrate, San Francisco turned one of its ultra-winding streets into a giant Candy Land board and invited a bunch of kids to play on it. Sadly, they neglected to turn Alcatraz into the Gumdrop Forest ...





ClutchMcB commented…

Yeah, I'm not really liking the bitterness and hate in this's not very Relevant. Candy Land was an awesome game. One that I, as a 27 year old married man, still own.


jasonS commented…

Hmmm, I don't see why this is particularly hateful or bitter, but maybe it's because I agree. I don't like playing Candy Land because it's pointless (other than spending time with the kids which is very important). Just different perspectives I guess.



thedevilisbad commented…

Candy Land and Shoot and Ladders are both great kids games. The name of the street is Lombard Street.



ClutchMcB commented…

Lots of games are luck of the draw games, but that doesn't make them pointless.

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