Digitally Aged Princess Diana on Newsweek

This week would have brought Princess Diana's 50th birthday, and Newsweek found a unique way to celebrate. Their current cover features a digitally aged Diana walking a city street with her daughter-in-law, the former Kate Middleton. The accompanying story includes predictions of how her love life would have progressed over the years and what her Facebook profile might look like today. The issue is receiving varied responses, from "tacky" to "touching." What do you think? ... 



Dave commented…

Completely disrespectful.

David Condolora


David Condolora commented…

Creepy, a bit silly, and yes, disrespectful.


Anonymous commented…

Culturally: spot on / viral / talked about / ballsy.

Realistically: really dumb.


Shannon commented…

This just makes me want to go into an all-caps frustration rage. If someone took my dad (who passed away) digitally aged him and invented a made-up story of his life, I would think it was the most disrespectful thing anyone could do to my family. I don't understand why anyone would want to do such a thing to her family.

There are wars going on and people starving and babies being sold into brothels, andmodern journalism is reporting on fiction.

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