College Students Increasingly Struggle with Depression

Colleges aren't entirely sure how to deal with the increasing number of students who battle mental illness and request additional allowances and time to finish course work. 11.6 percent of college students were diagnosed or treated for anxiety last year, and 10.7 percent were diagnosed or treated for depression ...

From The Wall Street Journal:

Colleges say they're seeing more students on campus with psychiatricillnesses. About 11.6% of college students were diagnosed or treated for anxiety in the last year, and 10.7% were diagnosed or treated fordepression, according to a survey of more than 100,000 students at 129schools conducted by the American College Health Association. Manymental illnesses, particularly depression, bipolar disorder andschizophrenia, emerge during late adolescence.

Psychiatric disorders like depression and anxiety can have seriousacademic consequences because they affect concentration, sleep andcognitive processing, say mental health professionals.

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Anonymous commented…

I don't think there is really more anxiety and depression. I think it's just diagnosed more.

People today have been trained to look for a magic pill to solve their issues, rather than exercising, eating right and getting enough rest.

Doctors andpharmaceuticalcompanies contribute to this issue because it benefits them financially. I know very few doctors who will actually encourage patients to examine their diet and lifestyle before prescribing a pill.

I have, however seen plenty of research that suggests soda, candy and fast food contributes to both mental and physical problems, which tend to go away when these are eliminated or even moderated.



Anonymous commented…

The sad part is you wont find the stats differing much in Christian circles. It makes you wonder, are people actually more sad and anxious now, or has it become more acceptable to substitue taking your issues to God for some medications and labels?


Katycat1594 commented…

Yes! There are! I am so glad you posted this because a lot of Christians write off a mental disorder as not trusting God ( not trying to judge, just stating something I have seen <3) ! ...trusting God to help you get through it yes, but doesn't mean your mental disposition will go away - love & hearts


Sbutler87 commented…

This is not a conspiracy theory people, it's real life.

I can speak from experience and say, even though I take my issues to God on a regular basis... my depression isn't going away.

Mental illness isn't something that we should start criticizing just because it seems like more younger people now than ever are presenting with forms of depression during college and even High School.Medication IS a necessary fix in many cases because diet and exercise don't alter the chemicals in the brain that are causing depression or other disruptive emotional behavior.Everyone's diagnosis is handled differently by a Professional.


KD commented…

I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression last summer (after I was hit by the tornado that destroyed Tuscaloosa on April 27), while I was a group leader and bible study leader at a very prominent Christian camp. Having to battle such a disorder had always been one of my worst fears, and I too was one that thought that people diagnosed with the disorder had issues with God- if their relationship with God was better, then they wouldn't be depressed. I learned that summer how wrong I was. Depression and anxiety is very medical problem that will not go away on it's own. Your spirituality does not directly affect your medical circumstances, but your medical circumstances shoulddefinitelyaffect your spirituality. Accepting the fact that there was something mentally wrong with me and listening to a doctor tell me "we are going to help you get back control of your life" was one of the hardest hits I've ever taken as far as my humility goes. I was forced to revaluate my relationship with God, and consider who or what truly had authority in my life- my consistent anxious thoughts or the Creator of the Universe. God used my story more than ever that summer, and I as I look back I wouldn't change my circumstances for anything. I am currently on anti-depressants and anxiety medication- which I honestly don't like- and I go to counseling. With the combination of both of these I will learn how to cope with the stresses and thoughts that I undergo daily and will eventually be able to deal with them without the medication whatsoever. Within theChristian circle, we should stop withcriticizeand ridicule for depression medication as a write off for not trusting God. If anything we should embrace the fact that the people of God are hurting and encourage them. The only thing that the criticism does is scare people into coming forth with the problems that they are going through. Depression is one thescariestthings to go through, and we need to be able to trust that the Body of Christ will not be in judgement towards anyone or their relationship with God.

Nastya Kharchenko


Nastya Kharchenko commented…

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