Community Definitely Coming Back

NBC caused a mini-uproar when they announced they were putting Community on hiatus. Many people believed that was NBC's quiet way of canceling the show. Well, apparently that's not the case—Community will be back this spring, but no one is sure when or what night. We'd like to humbly offer a suggestion: Please make Whitney go away ...

Below is a video of Occupy NBC, one of the most dramatic protests from Community fans after the show was pulled mid-season:



Chris Rouse commented…

It's about time NBC made a smart decision. And +1 for getting rid of Whitney. I've watched it a couple times and I'm never even sure why I'm laughing at some of it. It's not actually funny.


community commented…

Community is a quirky show... and i understand why it has a small, but devoted following. If u haven't tried it, I HIGHLY recommend you give it a chance!

Dara May


Dara May commented…

I can't believe some of the junk they are keeping around, yet cancel Prime Suspect! It probably tanked bc it followed Whitney.


Sarah Moon commented…

This article has done more to convince me that there is a God then all of the other Relevant magazine articles put together :P

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