The Man Who Needs $16,000 Shoes

Igor Vovkovinskiy is the tallest man in the United States, standing at 7 feet, 8.33 inches tall. He learned of that status in 2010, but one thing he still hasn't figured out is how to get a pair of shoes that fit him. Because of his height, he needs special shoes that will cost around $16,000. Considering his current shoes have given him foot deformities, we hope he raises the money soon ...




keith rusch commented…

Cameron Strang should be all over this one pull the strings and get his boys in Orlando to sign him to a quick ten day contract. He'd be tallest player in NBA and heck maybe they could toss him out there for last 30 seconds of blowout and let him grab a board or two. React to me Kirk Cameron (indoor arena) Strang - e


andrewtb commented…

I totally used to go to church with Igor and his mother. Nicest folks.

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