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Trapper John C. McGinley, M.D.

Scrubs, the show that wouldn't die, is going into its ninth season sans Zach Braff. Instead of just keeping the same format with a different voiceover, it will now be set in a med school with John C. McGinley and Donald Faison as professors. We can only assume that a shark tank, a ramp and a motorcycle will be permanent fixtures at this med school ...



Shane Bertou


Shane Bertou commented…

Acerbic quip fail. The infamous "jump the shark" moment in Happy Days did not involve a motorcycle. It took place in the ocean, and the Fonz was on water skis.



ClutchMcB commented…

I was thinking about Season 9 of the X-Files also, when I first read this.

Kyle Lane


Kyle Lane commented…

This is bittersweet news. Scrubs is my favorite show, and that just sounds like a crappy idea. Nonetheless, my eyes will be watching.

Taylor Sloan


Taylor Sloan commented…

Yes! Ssaaaa-zinnnng! This is one of the best slices I've ever read.



Dogbert0228 commented…

Bill Lawrence will prove all the haters wrong.

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